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DCML On The Fast Track

DCML is "the missing link to utility computing," and the announcement this week at CAWorld 2004 in Las Vegas of the release of the burgeoning technology's first framework specification should set the stage for increased standardization of the management of heterogeneous data-center networks, says Louis Blatt, president of the DCML trade organization.

Blatt, who's also senior VP of infrastructure management for Computer Associates, says release of the framework specification only seven months after the creation of the Data Center Markup Language initiative, indicates industry adoption is on a fast track.

With four governing members--CA, EDS, Opsware, and Tibco Software--plus more than 50 members and 160 participating companies, DCML has grown rapidly since its formation in October, Blatt says.

DCML is intended to create interoperability between various components of company's enterprise by providing a systematic, vendor-neutral way to describe the data-center environment, functional relationships between data-center components, and policies governing the management of the environment. By creating a blueprint of the complete data-center infrastructure with all its component relationships, dependencies, configurations, operational policies, and management processes, DCML gives businesses the power to more efficiently provision and mange the data-center environment, Blatt says.

The framework specification will now be sent to the various working groups within DCML for feedback, he says, which will be used to help formulate the final specification.

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