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Cost-Conscious Buyers Force Verizon Business To Repackage Web Center

When the economy seemed strong, plenty of companies were willing to pony up for the full multimedia version of Verizon's Web Center contact center service. But now, not so much. So Verizon has come up with Web Center Voice, which leaves out the multimedia, and half the cost.In better days, explained Alla Reznik, Verizon's director of product management for global advanced voice services, "the market was receptive to buying the whole package, even if they didn't need all the capabilities" right away. Now, however, "they are more sensitive to price."

Web Center Voice offers all the capabilities of the company's Web Center contact system, except e-email, chat, Web callback and recording. That means you still get telephony management, computer-telephony integration, and CRM features, along with Web event mangement, intelligent contact routing, remote agens, supervisor monitoring, basic reporting, and collaborative and admin tools.

VERIZON Web Center Voice Presentation Final 6 17 09

By cutting out the multimedia portion, Reznik explained, companies with fewer than 50 agents can save 50% on Web Center Voice compared to the full multimedia version. That measn prices run $75 - $125 per month per agent. Companies with more than 50 agents can get an even bigger price break, she said, and you can easily adjust the number of agents using the service every month.

Reznik called Web Center Voice "a stepping stone for customers who are sensitive to costs in this economy" (ITE), especially smaller businesses, which is an increasing focus for Verizon Business.

Reznik said the Web Center technology lets even smaller businesses set up contact centers with no capital expenditures and lower monthly costs. And while Web Center requires IP connectivity, agents using Web Center Voice need only a wired or mobile phone or Internet-connected PC. That makes it easy to set up company employees as part-time agents, or to contract out for agents to work from home from virtually anywhere.

In this economy (ITE), it's all about finding ways to take cost out of the equation. Look for more of this kind of thing as the economy continues to struggle. It only makes sense to come up with products that can help cash-strapped customers still get what they need without having to lower prices on your prime offerings.

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