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Corninex Inks Deal To Aid Telefonica IPTV Service

Corinex has inked a deal with Telefonica to supply powerline Ethernet adapters for the European carrier's Imagenio Internet television (IPTV) and communications service.

Marking the first mass deployment of a product that complies with Universal Powerline Association standards, the deal will allow Telefonica to offer its Imagenio subscribers a unique, low-cost alternative to traditional home Ethernet cabling. Corinex's 200Mbps AV Powerline Ethernet adapters allow users to set up a home network, and carry IPTV and advanced communications services throughout the home using electrical wiring.

The technology eliminates wireless dead spots and doers not require additional cabling. The latest generation of Corinex's powerline adapters includes both high speeds -- up to 200 Mbps -- and quality of service (QoS) features to enable reliable video transmission.

"Corinex is currently in tests and field trials with 17carriers worldwide for IP TV deployment," Corinex CEO Peter Sobotka said in a statement. "Passing Telefonica's rigourous testing procedures and field trials is a strong validation of the strength and fit of our 200Mbps Powerline and Coaxial AV product line."