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Consumers Are Cool To VoIP: Survey

Despite a significant industry push, consumers are cool to VoIP, with only 13% interested or very interested in using the technology, according to a new survey by Forrester. Only 43% have even heard of the technology, and only three percent of consumers are using it, the survey of 1,132 online households concluded.

The Forrester report, "Who Wants To Buy VoIP?" also found that consumers will have to see significant savings before considering using VoIP over their existing phone service. It concluded, "The needle on interest doesn't move until consumers can save at least $15 on their combined local and long-distance spending. At this point, the consumers surveyed who are 'very willing' and 'extremely willing' to purchase VoIP more than doubles to 38%. At a savings of $25, the percentage skyrockets to 52%."

Consumers would be most willing to consider VoIP services from their local phone companies, with 38% of respondents pointing to that as their top choice. In second place was a wireless carrier, with nearly a third of respondents. Specialty VoIP carriers such as Vonage were cited by only 19% of respondents.

Despite the low interest in VoIP, consumers who are using the service report a high satisfaction rate with it. Approximately 90% of existing users are satisfied with the pricing, 80% are satisfied with the features, and approximately 70% satisfied with the voice quality and billing. More than 70% would be willing to recommend their VoIP service to a friend.

The leading provider of VoIP service today is Vonage, with 30% of the market, according to the survey, with both Skype and Cablevision coming in with 13%.