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Connected DataProtector with EmailOptimizer 7.1: Connected's Got Your Back

DataProtector offers several advantages over similar products: It is scalable from 15 to 20,000 users on a single pair of servers; it operates over any Internet connection; and it uses a patented compression algorithm to reduce the amount of data sent to the server. It also features 128-bit encryption that is performed on the client before data is transmitted to guarantee the security of the files being sent. DataProtector is available as a subscription service or as a licensed product run locally on a dedicated server or pair of servers.


The heart of the DataProtector package is the agent that resides on the end-users' computer. It transparently backs up user data, captures the system state and stores PC asset information at preset intervals. The initial data collection can be quite large and could therefore take a long time. Subsequent backups, which are performed in the background, are considerably faster.

To reduce the amount of information sent to the Secure Data Center at one time, DataProtector uses Connected's patented Delta Block technology, which also reduces the amount of storage required by the files. Delta Block runs file comparison on all files and only sends the blocks in those particular files that have changed--very cool.

Another technology implemented in DataProtector, SendOnce, enables common files to be stored a single time. That means the corporate phone directory sent to every person in the company is stored once on the server in a common file pool.

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