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Comcast Hates Teens and Small and Midsize Businesses

It was one thing when an AP report indicated that Comcast was blocking some file-sharing traffic on its network. But Lotus Notes!? That's going too far.As Stephen Wellman writes in InformationWeek: "As if the AP's report last week wasn't enough, it looks like Comcast is blocking other online services, including Gnutella, FTP, and even Lotus Notes. I guess Comcast doesn't respect the needs of telecommuters or net neutrality."

The cable giant is no longer just messing with teens who want to share music or movies. They're taking on small and midsize businesses.

Wellman continues:

"Comcast's shaping of Lotus Notes, FTP, and VoIP is an attack on both telecommuters -- people who need to work from home -- as well as home-based businesses and small businesses that rely on Comcast as their service provider. If you're a telecommuter who needs to access your company's VoIP service or FTP a file to a corporate server, I guess you need another service provider. And if you're running a small business on Comcast's network, you better get Comcast VoIP or move on. That's real freedom of consumer choice."

What do you plan on doing about your Comcast service? Let us know.