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Coaxsys Intros Cable- and Satellite-Compatible Home Networking Gear

IPTV network maker Coaxsys today announced new cable- and satellite-compatible home networking products that enable networking over a home's existing coaxial cable while maintaining compatibility with legacy cable and satellite television delivery.

The TVnet/C and TVnet/S products deliver 100 Mbps speed with integrated Quality of Service (QoS) over any type or topology of existing coax cable, and so can coexist with legacy television cable delivery. This allows cable operators and satellite providers to offer in-home networks without disrupting their current services and without having to go through the expensive and time-consuming process of rewiring the home.

The TVnet in-home network allows operators to deliver IP video, broadband access, and VoIP to any room with a coax jack. Additionally, customers will be able to network video game consoles, PVRs, and other network-enabled devices by plugging into TVnet.