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Coaxsys Announces Biggest U.S. Deal To Provide ITPV Services

Coaxsys today announced what it calls the largest in-home deployment of IPTV home networking products in the United States. The company said that Consolidated Communications Inc., the nation's 15th largest local telephone company, is now offering IPTV service to its subscribers using Coaxsys' TVnet.

TVnet technology transforms a subscriber's existing TV coaxial cable infrastructure into a high-speed, IPTV-ready digital entertainment network. It delivers up to 104 Mbps transfer rate and supports distances up to 250 feet. TVnet is also compatible with TV splitters and supports Ethernet unicast, multicast, and broadcast.

Once a TVnet adapter is connected to the video or broadband source, all other coaxial jacks in the home become network enabled. Other TVnet adapters can then be connected to any network-enabled device to provide access to the Internet, share peripherals, or stream high-quality digital audio and video, including multi-channel TV and HDTV signals.

Consolidated Communications is based in Mattoon, IL, and delivers a "triple play" of voice, video and data services to its customers in certain central Illinois markets. The company manages more than 250,000 customer access lines throughout Illinois and Texas.