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Coaxsys, Alloptic Ink Deal To Provide Triple Play For Service Providers

Internet television (IPTV) equipment vendor Coaxsys has signed an agreement with optical network equipment manufacturer Alloptic to jointly market end-to-end IPTV, voice over IP (VoIP) and high speed data solutions to carriers and service providers.

The offering will leverage Alloptic's passive optical network (PON) technology and Coaxsys' TVnet home networking solution. TVnet carried high-speed traffic over existing coaxial cable, allowing for simple home use of broadband services. The TVnet adapter receives an Ethernet signal from the network and then transmits it at up to 100 Mbps over coaxial cable, making it available to any cable wall jack in the home.

Alloptic's Gigabit Ethernet Passive Optical Network (GEPON) solution delivers a gigabit of bandwidth over a PON architecture, allowing service providers to offer advanced triple play services. Together with TVnet, the two companies say they have have a complete solution that delivers can deliver IPTV and voice from the head-end to the consumer's TV or telephone.

"Alloptic's fiber-to-the-home capability delivers exceptional service to subscribers, and they obviously benefit from a simple solution that enables its Ethernet output to be distributed throughout the home over pre-existing wires," Coaxsys VP of Business Development Gary Hoffman said in a statement: "We are excited that this partnership now offers operators (our customers) a true solution for video, voice, and high speed data deployments in fiber-to-the-home environments."