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CiscoWorks Wireless LAN Solution Engine 2.5

Something Old, Something New

The WLSE 2.5 software occupies a 1U Linux-based wireless management appliance and offers an effective, menu-based Web interface. As in earlier versions, the GUI pages make for easy firmware upgrades, AP (access point) configuration, device discovery and inventory, and correlations to connected switches.

Permissions can be assigned to pre-administrative roles. This means first-level support folks can find where a given client is on the wireless network, for example, but are restricted from more advanced tasks like AP firmware upgrades, typically the turf of network engineers.

Reports cover everything from the number of users associated to a given AP to utilization on radio interfaces. This trending helps with capacity and expansion planning, and WLSE 2.5 makes the collected data easy to understand.

The Wireless Clients tab is one area of the reporting interface where the WLSE is weak. It seems like Cisco engineers forgot to develop this section, which displays only a rudimentary search box. Still, any client-related data you're looking for can be found in other areas. Reports are exported or accessed as permitted, and jobs such as firmware and configuration upgrades can be automated and scheduled.

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