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Cisco survey: Disconnect Between End Users And IT Over Device Use Policy

Data from a global survey conducted by Cisco Systems found that nearly half of end users globally say either their companies do not have an IT policy governing the use of PCs, cell phones, smart phones and PDAs, although more than 80 percent of IT decision makers say that such policies exist. On the other hand, among end users who are aware of corporate IT policies around device use almost three-quarters think the policies need only slight improvement or think they are fine as is.

The findings reflect the second set of data released from the Cisco Connected World Report, an international survey conducted in August and September on trends in the mobile work force, the use of devices to access data anywhere and the role of social networking in business. The data released in October found that most employees don't believe they need to be in the office to be productive and reported on their ability to access corporate information remotely. The survey is aligned to Cisco's AnyConnect remote access technology, which is designed to deliver SSL and IPSec VPN connectivity for any remote access (laptop, tablet, smart phone etc.) device.

The newly released data focuses on IT policy around use these devices and social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and instant messaging (IM) in the workplace. The survey also addressed the growing role of video for business communication.

"A these devices are coming into the environment, employees are questioning IT policy," said Nasrin Rezai, senior director, Cisco Security. "What has created a sense a sense of urgency is the ease of using mobile devices and growth of social medium and virtualization. Employees will use devices and get on social media regardless of IT policies."

Policies governing the use of social media are generally quite restrictive, according to the survey. About 40 percent of the end users say their company restricts access to online games and social network sites such as Facebook, MySpace and YouTube, while a third cite restrictions on Twitter, blogging and IM. The U.S. numbers were comparable to the cumulative global findings. About 1 of 5 employees (only 1 in 10 in the U.S.) said their companies restrict the use of personal mobile phones. Similar numbers reported restrictions on the use of iPods.

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