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Cisco Integrated Services Routers

Voice Test

In testing the 3845, I focused on the promise of converged voice and data with on-board packet voice DSP (Digital Signal Processing) modules. The unit didn't let me down.

To replicate various central and branch-office setups, I connected the 3845 and the 2821 over Gigabit, 100Base-T, and simulated T1 and T3 links. Then I generated random HTTP and FTP traffic between the routers, using 5 percent to 10 percent of the available bandwidth.

With Spirent's Abacus 5000 Call Generator, Simulator and Analysis Tool for Convergence, I simulated up to 180 simultaneous calls (three to four calls per second). I rated call quality with the PSQM (Perceptual Speech Quality Measurement) and MOS (Mean Opinion Score) tests.

With the help of the Abacus software (version 2.6), I ran 15-minute tests simulating channels or calls using H.323 circuits, with a G711 u-law codec using 64 to 80 Kbps per call. Each 30- to 60-second call passed artificial voice records based on the ITU-T P861 standard. I received path confirmation for each successful call.

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