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Cisco Delivers Integrated Security Features

Cisco Delivers Integrated Security Features
Cisco Systems Monday said products are now available for its Network Admission Control (NAC) program, an effort launched last year to build features that combat security threats such as worms and viruses into network infrastructure.

Routers and other software products that support NAC are available now as part of the first phase of the program's rollout, said David King, director of business development at Cisco, San Jose, Calif.

Phase two calls for Cisco to extend NAC support to its switch and remote access VPN products later this year or early next year, King said. The company also plans to expand the variety of end user operating systems the program supports, King said.

While Cisco is at least six months away from delivering the integrated security features on its market-leading switching products, competitors such as Enterasys Networks are heavily touting the availability of their own switches with integrated security features today.

"We're certainly going to do everything we can to get our solutions to market as quickly as possible," King said.

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