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Cisco Adds Security, Service Flexibility In Enterprise Routers

WAYNE, N.J. " Cisco is bringing higher layers of security and more flexibility at the services layer with the release this week of three families of routers for small- to medium-sized business (SMB) and branch-office applications.

While it's not uncommon for large corporate networks to support secure concurrent services, the same cannot be said at the SMB/branch office level. To support concurrent secure services in these settings, companies most likely would need to combine multiple boxes in their enterprise networks, which may become a costly option.

By integrating security on the motherboard and delivering a flexible DSP architecture, Cisco is hoping to make secure concurrent service operation a reality in smaller businesses, remote offices and home offices with the development of its 3800, 2800 and 1800 series of routers.

"With our new routers, we can bring concurrent services to the masses," said Jeanne Dunn, senior director of product marketing at Cisco. "We're also making sure our customers have room to grow," Dunn added.

While Cisco is still relying on software to bring security to its 1800 router family, which is targeted at low-end applications, the company has opted for the integration of an off-the-shelf coprocessor to bring security to larger SMB and branch office applications. As Senior Director of Marketing Dan Frampton pointed out, Cisco will also provide optional modules for its routers that will allow customers to perform more detailed security tasks.

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