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"Cheapskate" Online Shoppers Rule The Holidays: Survey

More than 75% of online shoppers have received recycled gifts for the holidays, according to a new survey by Bizrate.

Out of the 1,047 online buyers polled, 62% thought it was better to recycle an old gift rather than throw it away. According to 34%, it is possible to give holiday gifts that aren't expensive, and 42% said that giving an inexpensive novelty gift is different than giving a cheap gift.

Consumers are most likely to give recycled gifts to friends, according to 40%. Nearly 25% said they have given coworkers or relatives used gifts. A small 3% give recycled gifts because they don't want to spend money on other people.

Once a "cheapskate" gift giver engages in the act of re-gifting, they are inclined to do it again, as 34% of respondents have done so twice, 20% have three times, and 14% have recycled gifts on more than five occasions. Out of those receiving this gifts, 97% are too polite to confront the gift giver. According to 67%, they will still be thankful for receiving a gift. Another 35% are sympathetic to the reasons of re-gifting, and only 2% will not thank the giver. Luckily, 95% said that they have never received back a gift they had given.