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Chambers: Time For Cisco Partners To Move

Cisco Systems President and CEO John Chambers discusses Cisco’s push toward intelligent networking, what role channel partners will play in it and the choices that partners now face in an interview with CRN Infrastructure Editor Jennifer Hagendorf Follett. Here is an excerpt of the conversation.

CRN: How will your idea of the network as the platform for communications and services play out from the partner perspective?

CHAMBERS: What is really exciting is it opens up more opportunities for all of us. If the network evolves the way I believe it will, and you hit the two key premises, the network becomes ‘all forms of communication go into the network and all forms of IT go into the network.’ The network in essence becomes the platform for delivering applications and services. What that means is there has never been a better opportunity in terms of both selling the elements of the network together to customers and being able to add value on top of it for which customers will pay a premium.

So whether you call it share of customer spend, share of the wallet or share of capital spending, it appears--and this last quarter was a pretty good proof-point--that that will expand for us and our partners. The key issue for us is to transform beyond just selling ‘equipment’ and installing and making it work to say, ‘How do you add value, add services on it? How do you help the customers implement it in a shorter time period than they would have traditionally done? How do you help them move onto the business applications? How do you help them differentiate this new era for the network?’ Bottom line is, there’s probably never been a better time to be a Cisco partner.

CRN: Because of the opportunity?

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