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CEO Minute: Tideway Systems' Richard Muirhead

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  • Question #1: Can you give us a quick overview of Tideway Systems, how you started the company and what your goals are?

  • Question #2: Let's talk about transparency. Ironically, this has been a bit of a dirty word within some organizations, partially I think because of the chargeback overtones. How far are your customers employing transparency? Are they using it merely to ensure cost optimization and reduce hardware risk, or are they actually using it to allocate and control IT resources?

  • Question #3: One of the biggest roadblocks it seems to adopting intelligence systems like Foundation is the effort required to incorporate older, more esoteric applications and in-house software projects. Certainly, there are wizards to help users incorporate these, but does this approach allow for the same level of integration that you have with "out-of-the-box" applications? I imagine it depend upon how those apps were built. Still, what can companies do to better integrate these rogue entities?

  • Question #4: What are the benefits of agent-less discovery and monitoring? Aren't centralized systems likely to create bottlenecks and drop valuable data?