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CEO Minute | Overland Storage's Christopher Calisi

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  • Question #1: Recently, you've just announced some good news on the financial front, I see. Revenue is up 22 percent so far in 04 (to 238 million) and net income is up 59 percent. To what do you attribute this growth?
  • Question #2: Although the financial viability of a company is of paramount importance to our readership, as dyed in the wool geeks, they'd much rather talk about new, technological advances. To that end, let's talk disk-based backup and data recovery. What can you tell us about the the REO 1000, which was released last month?
  • Question #3: Finally and more philosophically, let's continue this thought about tape versus disk. So many people contend that tape has gone the way, of well, the 8-track. Given tape's propensity for failure and the failures of the humans operating those tapes, it's easy to see their point. And yet the "idea"of tape backup persists for secondary storage and recovery. Is it the price? Is it the horror of uprooting a stable backup system? Why doesn't everyone dump their tape for disk straight away?