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Castle Rock Computing's SNMPc 7.0

Back Up, Jack

To test the redundant backup server, I installed the software on a server similar to my primary server. The setup was easy--I input the IP addresses of both servers as a configuration option, enabled the backup service option and disabled active polling on the backup server.

I then took my primary server offline. Using the default configuration settings, my backup server sensed that the primary server was down and took over polling operations in less than two minutes. All of my settings were intact, including user information, device settings and configuration options. Remote polling agents that were connected to the primary server hooked up with the backup server automatically, so I didn't lose any polling statistics or uptime data.

The only negative: The backup and export of the database files from the primary server occur automatically only once a day, and you can't configure it for more frequent intervals. Therefore, you have to back up the server manually whenever you make major changes to the system configuration.

Administration Features

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