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Caelo Software Announces Availability Of NEO Pro 4.1 Email Productivity Software

Valkenswaard, Netherlands  January 26, 2010,  Caelo Software B.V., a leading innovator and developer of email productivity solutions, announces the availability of NEO Pro 4.1 for Microsoft Outlook. The latest release of NEO Pro uses innovative virtual folder structure and new time-saving features to clear the productivity bottleneck, thus reducing email overload. 

Using Caelo Software's patented technologies, NEO Pro enhances the platform upon which Microsoft Outlook is built - without replacing it - by providing users with an improved way to locate messages, track and view entire conversations at once, separate bulk mail from personal mail, easily find attachments and automatically streamline email communication. Rather than serving as a substitute for Microsoft Outlook, NEO Pro operates as an add-on product that interacts with Outlook and Outlook Exchange data, as well as all message stores, in order to organize emails more efficiently.

"Today, there are two ways to organize your email - either let it pile up in your Inbox, sacrificing the ability to easily locate a message when you need it, or spend hours refining email client programs and dragging individual messages into separate folders. Both of these options are very time consuming and frustrating, as they require ongoing manual action by the user," said Gerard den Hertog, General Manager, Caelo Software. "NEO Pro 4.1 assists users in finding, dealing with and filing messages quickly through its automatic email organization, without requiring hours of daily upkeep or an entirely new setup of the email client program."

The latest version of the software, NEO Pro 4.1, offers a number of new features that enable users to significantly reduce their daily email activities, which include:

-Search box in all views with ability to search all messages or only the local folder.
-User-definable backup location for NEO catalog
-Priority assignment for individual correspondents
-Category assignment for incoming messages based on subject
-Ability to delete attachments without opening emails
-Outlook folder column within message listing
-Highlighted search terms
-Ability to search by attachment name
-Virtual folder for all deleted items

NEO Pro was designed with the objective to automate email organization, accommodate people's needs to permanently save all their email, enable quick and easy email retrieval and promote more effective ways of managing email workflow. With NEO Pro 4.1, features are more simplified, more accessible, more consistent and more obvious, thereby making the software functional for all users - not just power users. A detailed list of features is available at

NEO Pro 4.1 is available immediately for download and is compatible with Outlook 2007, 2003, 2002 (XP), 2000, 98 and operates on Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, NT, ME or Windows 98 - with or without Exchange Server (all versions). NEO Pro 4.1 retails for $49.95, with volume discounts available upon request. For more information on NEO Pro 4.1, please visit