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BuzzBlogs: VoIP Spam: A Bad Call; Video Games = $$

VoIP Spam: A Bad Call

As VoIP services penetrate the consumer market, technology pundits have warned about the emergence of VoIP spam--unsolicited phone calls or voice messages sent to a user's VoIP service--and expected it to come from scam artists. Vonage, however, is the first VoIP company to spam its own customers.

Vonage recently sent e-mail containing an audio attachment to all its subscribers to drum up investors for its forthcoming IPO. The audio, which runs 1 minute 37 seconds, cheerfully announces that IPO shares have been reserved for customers who meet eligibility requirements.

While Vonage's IPO is completely legit, people could be forgiven for confusing the message with one of the many scams circulating online. Hard to tell fact from fiction these days, spoken or not.

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