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Business Process Management, NWC Inc. Style

We're in the early stages of preparing for a "BPM Blowout". Our plan is to model a set of processes for NWC Inc. in order to evaluate BPM suites. We've had many discussions on the subject already and will begin testing next month in our Business Application Lab in good old Green Bay, WI.
Our testing scenario is:

NWC Inc. is a mid-size manufacturer of consumer grade ???widgets??? which are sold through its channel of distributors. VARs utilize NWC Inc.???s web site to place orders for widgets and are invoiced after shipment.

NWC Inc. requires an automated solution for handling the order entry and fulfillment processes, as many decisions currently made manually would benefit from automation. It is also concerned with implementing a solution that will assist in achieving regulatory compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley and CA SB 1386.

Processes to be modeled include manual decision making with both internal employees (CSRs) and customers. NWC Inc.???s order entry/fulfillment process is detailed below.

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NWC Inc.???s current infrastructure includes:

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