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Broadcom Debuts Voice Over Cable Chip For VoIP Services

Broadcom has announced a new voice over cable chip designed to provide improved performance and reliability to voice over cable modem customer premise equipment.

Incorporating Broadcom's voice over IP (VoIP) on Enhanced RISC processor architecture, the BCM3368 chip can simplify and accelerate the development of VoIP solutions. According to Broadcom, the chip's RISC architecture, delivering 800 DMIPS of computational power, supports the implementation of multi-line voice solutions without requiring a dual processor. By reducing the component count on primary multi-line voice over cable modems by over 20%, the BCM3368 can be used to build more affordable and more reliable voice over cable products.

"With the introduction of the BCM3368, cable operators are now able to cost effectively deploy voice-ready cable modems to every broadband subscriber," Broadcom's Broadband Communications Group senior vice president and general manager Daniel Marotta said in a statement. "By combining our field-proven experience gained from prior generations of voice over cable silicon and the VIPER architecture, Broadcom will help drive the increased penetration of voice over cable services."

The BCM3368 chip is designed for Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification (DOCSIS)/Euro-DOCSIS and PacketCable/Euro-PacketCable-compliant customer premises equipment. It supports CableHome and gateway protocols as well as a wide range of peripheral interfaces, including multi-port Ethernet, USB, Bluetooth, and wireless LAN, including IEEE 802. The BCM3368 voice over cable modem chip is available a unit price of $25 each in lots of 100,000.