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Broadband Wireless Provider Weighs in With WiMAX Platform

Another broadband wireless provider " nex-G Systems Pte Ltd. " has weighed in with a WiMAX platform even as the WiMAX Forum labors to finalize specifications for the broadband technology.

The Singapore-based company said on Thursday that its WiMAX platform called Horizon is based on the IEEE 802.16-2004 standard and incorporates early 802.16e mobility features.

"The Horizon Base Station, with up to 16 sectors, is a resilient, telco-class solution capable of supporting simultaneous connection for up to 16,000 subscribers," the firm stated. "With its flexible architecture, nex-G customers can take advantage of open frequencies from 600 MHz through 6 GHz as the platform is deployed."

The company said its Horizon family is frequency and radio chipset agnostic and will be able to be used with new IEEE 802.16 WiMAX technologies as they are announced and upgraded. The nex-G portfolio includes base stations, backhaul solutions, and carrier class outdoor subscriber units, the company said..

WiMAX has captured the imagination of the wireless industry, because it can cover wide tracks of geography at a low cost. Although WiMAX standards haven't yet been finalized, some equipment providers are marketing "pre-WiMAX" systems that they say can easily be upgraded as specifications are decided upon.