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Broadband Security Risks Rise, So Do Solutions

As broadband security risks continue to grow, the computer and network security industries' efforts to combat the problems will keep pace, says a report from In-Stat/MDR.

The security risks are being compounded by the growth of unsophisticated broadband users who are not as computer and network savvy as early broadband adopters who tended to be experienced and wise to the ways of computer and network dangers. Jaclynn Anderson, research analyst at the market research firm, points to the rapid expansion in numbers of broadband users who use VPNs or wireless networks to telecommute to illustrate her case.

"The really interesting market is telecommuters," she said in an interview. "It's much easier to break in on a telecommuter because it's considered safe."

"Always-on Internet access, static IP addresses and the higher usage of online applications make broadband technologies insecure," she said. "Additionally, broadband users are more likely to have wireless networks...and use VPNs into corporate offices, all of which add security risks to the already vulnerable Internet subscribers."

The security industry is responding with multiple layers of products because of the inability of single product solutions to secure against all threats. "There's going to be a lot of product building," Anderson said. "You're likely to be able to buy one product with firewall and anti-virus protection with privacy control, too. And, there might be some utilities -- like cleaners, uninstallers and day-to-day computer and network management."

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