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Breathing Easier

Rita largely spared Houston and many of the more populated areas of the Gulf Coast region, though try telling someone in the smaller communities in Southwestern Lousiana how lucky they are. Still, a number of Houston customers were still without power this morning.

BellSouth says that more than one half of million are without landline service Sunday. Cell service was also hindered in much of southeastern Louisiana. SBC Communications, which is based in San Antonio, says its network in Texas is largely functional.However, it appears that as significant as the Rita-related flood damage was, crews will have less trouble restoring service to the impacted communities than they did following Hurricane Katrina. Of course, that is small comfort to those who have still not been able to bring back business operations in New Orleans or have no home to return to in the Gulf Coast.

Yet there are some signs of hope even in New Orleans, as the city begins drying out for the second time in a month. Power is coming back on, the Mayor is encouraging businesses to return, and there are even reports of Wi-Fi access at an Internet cafe in the city.

How, if at all, have these storms impacted you and your business operations? Let me know how you are faring, drop me an email at [email protected].