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Break Through Your Biggest VoIP Roadblocks

You have the software and the voice over IP (VoIP) switches. You have the cool phones that plug into the RJ-45 Ethernet jack on the wall. Everything is set to propel your business into the world of telephony for the 21st century...

But it doesn't quite work.

Info-Tech Research analyst George Goodall says that enterprises often run headlong into unanticipated obstacles in their VoIP deployments; the best way to deal with them, he says, is to anticipate them in the first place. "In fact, the first question to ask is whether this is something you want to do now, or not," he says.

Indeed, the first big obstacle that many organizations face is a disconnect between upper management and the people who have to implement the new system. "The decision to deploy VoIP is often driven by the CEO, who says 'This is really great technology, let's go for it,'" he says. "But your PBX (private branch exchange) might be working fine and the deployment, rather than making things better, turns into a big disruption."

There's no way to make a VoIP deployment easy and painless, whatever the vendors say. If the technology solves real problems and adds real functionality, then the pain is worth it; if it does not, then the whole project will be a disaster. The problem comes when C-level executives demand improvements over the existing system that the IT department can't deliver, because the old system works fine.

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