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Boeing's Connexion May Be On The Block

Boeing's ambitious in-flight Internet Connexion venture may be fizzling, according to a report in Thursday's Wall Street Journal stating that Boeing is considering shutting down or selling the unit.

The newspaper said Boeing has been shopping the unprofitable service around and there appear to be no takers yet. Connexion has been installed by several airlines, which have been using it on international flights. However, in the U.S., the service hasn't been approved by the FCC for domestic flights.

Calls placed to Connexion offices in the U.K., and Seattle were not immediately returned.

The Boeing service uses costly satellite links -- the Wall Street Journal said people in the know estimate that about $1 billion has been spent on the service so far. Connexion provides Web access and has generally been well-received by passengers who have used it.

But, since Connexion got underway about six years ago, cheaper technologies have emerged. In recent weeks, for instance, JetBlue Airways received valuable wireless licenses for $7 million in an FCC auction that could be used for passenger communications. JetBlue hasn't said exactly what it plans to do with the licenses.

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