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BBC Broadcast Installs SGI Solution For New Tapeless Environment

Silicon Graphics announced Monday that BBC Broadcast will use SGI InfiniteStorage NAS 3000 and Shared Filesystem CXFS as the foundation of a tapeless environment for nearly all its processes. The system is expected to be in use within the next two months and includes 50 terabytes of storage with high-bandwidth capacity from SGI.

According to the companies, the system:

  • will supply the storage and bandwidth required by hundreds of concurrent 'desktop' browse video users;
  • will enable BBC Broadcast to build a sophisticated asset management system to manage the storage layer provided by this project;

  • will supply cost-effective mass storage for an editing workgroup.

    The new storage system is designed to replace the previous tape-based structure, which required a large amount of duplication, effort and complex management of physical assets. Content providers now require core infrastructure to support evolving business models and consumer demands such as interactive programming, non-linear and broadband platforms.

    ATG Broadcast was selected to integrate the new system's hardware. Other contributions include a datatape library from ADIC, a hierarchical storage manager (HSM) from Front Porch Digital and network connectivity supplied by Foundry Networks.