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Battlefield Net Technology Brings Security To Iowa Buses

Originally developed for battlefield communications, Motorola’s mesh networks technology is currently enjoying a renewed life as wireless routers/repeaters traveling in city buses in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Announced Tuesday, the application involves mating the mesh technology with security videos on the buses as the technology provides video entertainment for passengers and security monitoring for transit authorities. The service, currently available on five of the city’s 50 buses, enables riders to connect to the Internet wirelessly.

“The system features Motorola’s Multi-Hopping capabilities that turn each mesh-enabled bus into a wireless router/repeater, allowing the signals from one bus to hop through neighboring buses to reach network access points,” according to a Motorola statement. The mesh solution has its own tracking technology so the system doesn’t need GPS gear.

The system, which also can beam advertising, news, and bus schedules at passengers, enables transit authorities to monitor the security of the buses in real time whether they are in motion or parked.

The system also utilizes software developed by the Trapeze Group.