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Asylum Releases Outsourced Services Suite For Comm Providers

Asylum Telecom LLC has announced a suite of outsourced services that allow small and medium-sized providers to offer a wide range of advanced Internet communications services.

Asylum's Touch services give providers and consumer brand companies turnkey access to an outsourced Internet communications solution that, according to the company, balances outsourced flexibility with in-house control. The service is available at three levels, Touch Remote, Touch Local, and Touch Global.

"Touch creates a win-win for ISPs, consumer brand companies, and their customers," Asylum founder and CEO Paul Cheng said in a statement. "Providing basic voice services over the Internet is easy. Providing simple, reliable, and high-quality voice services over the Internet is not. Touch provides ISPs immediate access to a comprehensive set of voice applications and tools from Asylum Telecom and third parties without the inconvenience or costs associated with integrating technologies from multiple vendors."

According to Asylum, the Touch services allow providers to avoid the complexities inherent in setting up their own Internet communications offerings. The company has a number of data centers around the world, serving customers in 25 countries, and maintains its own Internet communications switching and operational support and business support system infrastructure. Asylum's platform supports open communication standards including session initiation protocol and H.323.