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Ariba Helps SMBs Optimize Profits And Performance

SUNNYVALE, Calif. (BUSINESS WIRE) It doesn't take expensive software, an army of consultants or lengthy implementations to improve business processes. And world-class performance isn't the exclusive domain of large enterprises. At least not with Ariba, Inc, the leading provider of collaborative business commerce solutions. The company today broadly launched a set of solutions that enable small and medium businesses to quickly rein in costs, minimize risk and improve profits.

"As uncertainty in global financial and supply markets persists, companies of all sizes must carefully manage their costs and risk to drive opportunities and growth," said Steve Markle, Senior Director, Solutions Management, Ariba. "Typically, only the largest of companies have been able to afford solutions to help them do this. But with Ariba, even the smallest organizations can access industry-leading offerings that allow them to streamline and enhance key business processes and the results that they deliver."

With the simple click of a button, mid-market companies can purchase Ariba StartSourcing and Ariba StartContracts for as little as $199 a month. Delivered on-demand through the Ariba Commerce Cloud, the offerings can be deployed in days and are uniquely designed for small and medium enterprises. Using the solutions, companies may:
    * More efficiently manage spend and trading relationships
    * Lower costs and improve profits
    * Improve visibility and minimize risk
    * Drive compliance and revenue

Ariba StartSourcing provides mid-market companies with technology they can use to structure and execute sourcing events that increase savings, shore up supply, and improve performance, including tools for:
    * RFX creation and management
    * Auctions, competitive bidding and timing
    * Communications and messaging
    * Sourcing reporting
    * Global and multi-lingual capabilities
    * Web-based buyer and supplier training and online tutorials

"In today's business environment, collaboration is more critical than ever," said Steve Hunt, Chief Executive East North East Homes Leeds. "Ariba StartSourcing provides us with powerful tools we can use to negotiate agreements that allow us to maintain a competitive cost structure while ensuring the success of our trading partners so that we can continue to deliver quality services."

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