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Apple G5 Supercomputer; Imaginary online girlfriend

Your Very Own Imaginary Online Girlfriend!

eBay has pushed the envelope once again with the following auction, aimed squarely at the less-than-datable among us.

"Are you tired of your friends/parents hounding you about not having a girlfriend? Or do you have an ex you want to make jealous? Then this is the auction for you! I am willing to become your imaginary girlfriend that you will now have proof of. I will write you one letter a week and include pictures, cards, whatever ... so you can get everyone off your back because you are in a 'long distance relationship.' ... Please note: By winning this auction, I do not become your girlfriend ... this is only pretend ... and everything must be done either online or through the mail ... no live contact ... Just to get that straight :o)"

Winning bid: $41. Cheaper than dinner and a movie. Long live eBay!

Glory Days

You can go home again, thanks to the kind folks at, with their amazing 56K Modem Emulator. Just listening to that crackling whir and beep-beep really takes you back to the days of 32-column text and the beloved TRS-80.

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