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AppareNet Bags Bottlenecks

Good News

• Runs on a wide variety of server platforms.
• Can be used on a laptop for mobile diagnostics.

Bad News

• Test scheduling requires the use of a command-line interface.
• Supports only MS SQL Server database.

The distributed version can be deployed on several platforms, including Hewlett-Packard HP-UX, IBM AIX, Linux (2.4 kernel), Microsoft Windows NT/2000 and Sun Solaris, and is offered on preconfigured hardware of your choice -- servers from Dell, HP or Sun. The solo version deploys the Sequencer and console on a single Microsoft Windows machine that you provide.

The management console offers a GUI for creating, running and managing diagnostic tests. It uses DOS batch files for scheduling recurring tests and a Microsoft SQL Server database to store test results (the company says support for Oracle databases is expected by year's end). The management interface lets you search and view completed tests based on various criteria, including user ID, target host name and title. Searches also can include wild cards to broaden the results.

The solo version of AppareNet costs about $30,000. The more complex distributed system starts at $75,000, and varies based on the hardware platform and number of Sequencers you purchase. AppareNet's value lies in its ability to detect network misconfigurations that may point to the cause of network congestion or poor application performance, possibly obviating an infrastructure or bandwidth upgrade, or assisting in forcing a service provider to address performance issues.

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