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AOL Opens AIM Instant Messaging to Third Parties

With the announcement of Open AIM 2.0, AOL is making its Instant Messenger (AIM) network available to developers and third-party instant messaging applications, giving businesses more options in how they manage communications.Open AIM was debuted two years ago, but the new changes make it a lot more "open." First, the company will welcome alternative chat applications such as Adium, Trillian, and Pidgin, as well as Web IM services such as Meebo and eBuddy. Currently, those applications' access to AIM is not fully supported. In a related move, AOK will remove the restrictions that forced those alternative services to hack into the network.

Open AIM 2.0 also embraces the increase in online advertising. AOL will enable third parties to create AIM-based software that serves ads. The new platform, called AIM Money, will be based on sharing ad revenue between the developer and AOL.TechCrunch, CNET News