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Analyst Firm Predicts YouTube Is 'Goin' Down'

Analyst firm Forrester Research has added its voice to YouTube critics who believe it's only a matter of time before the wildly popular video site is faced with a potentially crippling copyright-violation suit from the entertainment industry.

In a recent blog posting entitled "YouTube Is Goin' Down," Forrester analyst Josh Bernoff drew parallels between YouTube and Napster, a once popular file-sharing network that went belly-up following a music industry suit that charged the company was building a business illegally by allowing users to trade copyrighted songs.

YouTube has grown dramatically over the last couple of years by giving mostly teenagers and young adults the ability to post and share video. A large portion of the digital film, however, is either music videos, segments of TV shows, or user-produced content that contains copyrighted music.

"I don't believe they can avoid a lawsuit and maintain their popularity," Bernoff said on Tuesday.

YouTube officials were unavailable for comment.

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