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Analysis: Radiance's New CDN App Boosts File Delivery

Radiance announced today it's beefing up the user interface of TrueDelivery, its content-distribution network (CDN), and adding a new application aimed a facilitating gigabyte-sized file transfers between users. Although well-adapted to niche markets, TrueDelivery lacks centralized traffic-control mechanisms and hasn't been integrated with common business applications, making it difficult for most businesses to justify its high price tag.

TrueDelivery is a global CDN that provides rapid data transfer across the Internet to specific users and locations. Various TCP-optimization, compression and caching techniques help realize higher throughput than you'd achieve with standard TCP/IP transactions alone. The product was marketed as a method of transferring very large files-those in the multi-gigabyte range-and as an alternative to physically mailing data on removable media. The revamped UI is designed to make the product more usable to end users on a day-to-day basis. Several different deployment models are offered, including on-site licensed servers, Web-based cached content and a fully managed service.

Radiance has added several convenient features to the TrueDelivery client interface, referred to as Courier. Multiple files can now be sent by dragging and dropping from Windows Explorer to Courier. Recipients are listed in Courier by their e-mail addresses, imported LDAP files, from Active Directory domains or as registered users in the Radiance managed service. Users can track and verify that files were received. Files can be associated with users or groups, and automatically sent to selected individuals or groups when modified. Scheduling options allow for the files to be sent during off-peak hours.

How It Works

TrueDelivery only works with programs that are designed to use its network, so Courier provides a means to access the Radiance CDN. Enhanced APIs and troubleshooting tools are included in this new release. Application developers also can use the TrueDelivery APIs to embed the functionality into custom programs. However, most business applications are not out-of-the-box TrueDelivery-ready. This means users can't employ conventional apps, like Outlook, Notes, Internet Explorer, or existing FTP apps for optimized file transfers. Radiance claims this version is the start of better integration and future versions are expected to integrate with apps, including Outlook. By contrast, a wide area file services (WAFS) or WAN-optimization product sits on the network and works with nearly all applications.

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