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AMD Says Koreans Raided Intel Offices In Antitrust Probe

Advanced Micro Devices Inc. stepped up the rhetoric in its antitrust battle with rival Intel over alleged monopolistic practices on Thursday, issuing a press release stating that the Korean Fair Trade Commission conducted "dawn raids" on Intel offices in that country. And AMD chairman and chief executive Hector Ruiz told the U.S. House of Representatives that antitrust laws needed to be enforced to ensure "fair and open competition."

Ruiz testified before the House committee on government reform on the competitiveness of U.S. companies in world markets. "We have a responsibility to ensure no one is sheltered from competition," he said. "That means that the enforcement of antitrust laws … is critical to the creation of a sustainable competitive society."

A study conducted by the California Institute of Technology in 2004, and commissioned by AMD, shows that nearly 70% of all federal procurements of computer hardware contained language that required the use of a specific brand of microprocessor, a policy that cost taxpayers between $281 million and $563 million, Ruiz testified.

Meanwhile, Korean officials conducted a raid of Intel offices in Korea as part of an investigation into Intel's business dealing with four South Korean PC makers, AMD said.

Intel described the events differently. "There was a visit to our offices in Korea, but to characterize it as a dawn raid is a mischaracterization," a spokesman said. Intel disclosed in June that the KFTC was conducting an investigation, and the company has cooperated, he said.

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