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AirHop Joins eNsemble Multi-Core Alliance To Further Enable The Mobile Internet Via Widespread Adoption Of eSON On Multi-Core Processors

SAN DIEGO. AirHop Communications, the leader in software enabling the next wave of the mobile internet, today announced that it has become a member of the eNsemble Multi-Core Alliance, a premier industry organization founded to drive best-in-class innovations in multi-core parallel processing platforms and software development. Supported by a broad base of world-class hardware and software providers, the eNsemble Multi-Core Alliance serves as the foundation upon which original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can more effectively and more efficiently develop high-performance networking equipment using industry-leading multi-core processors.

"AirHop is excited to be a part of the industry's bold initiative to launch this Alliance of leading software and hardware providers with the singular vision of driving innovation on multi-core platforms," commented Garrett Choi, Chief Operating Officer at AirHop Communications. "Multi-core processors are ideally suited for the types of complex problems associated with heterogeneous HSPA+ and LTE cellular networks, a natural fit with our focus as the premiere provider of network intelligence. We are especially pleased with our expanding collaboration with NetLogic Microsystems to find new ways to match its market-leading multi-core, multi-threaded processors with our eSON technology."

AirHop's evolved self-organized networking (eSON) software provides advanced interference management and optimized spectrum reuse for basestations of all sizes, specifically addressing the issues associated with heterogeneous network topologies. eSON's capabilities extend far beyond the "plug-and-play," "self-healing" and "handover-enhancement" functionality of other SON solutions. AirHop's patent-pending technology utilizes standards-based parameters and interfaces to enable real-time coordination between basestations to dynamically maximize overall network performance.

"AirHop Communications is a recognized leader in self-organized networking solutions for the HSPA and LTE mobile infrastructure markets, and we welcome the company as a valuable member of the eNsemble Multi-Core Alliance," said Behrooz Abdi, executive vice president and general manager at NetLogic Microsystems, a founding member of the eNsemble Multi-Core Alliance. "NetLogic Microsystems and AirHop share the common goal of providing industry thought leadership through advanced leading-edge products, and we are proud to have AirHop bring its unique and innovative technology to the Alliance."

As a founding member of the eNsemble Multi-Core Alliance, NetLogic Microsystems is committed to an open programming model for its family of market-leading multi-core, multi-threaded processors to allow greater access and tighter coupling between networking software and the XLR, XLS and XLP multi-core processors. This enables significant improvements in the application development efficiency of software code and overall system performance. In addition, this enables the development of new enhanced services and applications for next-generation Internet networks that are highly optimized for multi-core, multi-threaded processors.