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Adding NAS For A Competitive Edge

When it comes to networking, storage is king.

System builders have met the challenges set forth by today's businesses by increasing storage in both white-box PCs and white-box servers -- only to find out that a customer's business can quickly outgrow a unit's internal storage capacity.

Enter Network Attached Storage, or NAS. It solves the problem of networks' ever-increasing storage needs. NAS technology connects a hard drive -- or series of hard drives -- to a network's backbone via straightforward components and a slimmed-down operating system.

System builders have been at a loss when it comes to NAS. Most NAS sales have gone to larger players like Snap Appliance, Maxtor, and other major vendors. But their solutions tend to have high per-gigabyte costs. They also offer enterprise-level features that for many white-box implementations are overkill.

But now, thanks to suppliers like
American Megatrends Inc.
(AMI) and
reByte Inc.
, system builders can jump on the NAS bandwagon and offer inexpensive alternatives to the big players.

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