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9 Hot Technologies That Can Blow Up In Your Face

Treat this list as a security blanket, not a wet blanket. You must aggressively explore emerging technologies such as virtualization, enterprise search, and smartphones. The following problems are no excuse to stick with the status quo. Just be prepared--then charge ahead.

Smartphones' Growing Risks

Nobody ever got fired for choosing BlackBerry.

It's a reassuring idea that rings hollow. You may not get fired for the "safe" smartphone choice, but one device can't cater to every professional's needs, so expect the complaints to multiply. Even if you play it safe, here are three smartphone gotchas, and tips on avoiding them:

1. Product cycles move at consumer electronics speed. "I've seen plenty of examples of companies getting halfway through a deployment, and then finding that the product is no longer available," says Bruce Friedman, CEO of Movero Technology, which provides mobile device management services. High-end mobile phones and smartphones come and go, so companies used to three- to-five-year tech refresh cycles find themselves constantly behind when it comes to testing, procuring, and deploying new devices. The answer is simple but not easy: Find ways to compress product approval and testing, such as making sure new applications and upgrades don't harm the phone, operating system, and network connectivity. Plan for a six- to 12-month product cycle--and hop on the treadmill.

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