The Best Tech Training: Pros & Cons

Looking for a high-paying, high-tech job? Explore your options for skills development.

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You've seen all the headlines: Technology professionals are in huge demand, and salaries outpace almost every other field. But employers are more demanding than ever, requiring long lists of skills to even make it through the resume filter. Many IT pros are looking to additional training to help boost their chances. 

JPMorgan Chase recently studied the hype around the boom in tech hiring and the gap between open positions and skills development. The resulting report, Tech Jobs for All? Exploring the Promise and Pitfalls of Technology Training in the United States, explored the growing number of available training programs and the unique obstacles they face in developing the workforce we need.

Every industry sector is increasingly integrating technology into its daily operations. Fields like healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and the government now require a dedicated workforce to build, maintain, and update this technology. As technology needs continue to expand, employers are searching for new sources of skilled IT workers to keep up with technical developments and help them leverage the potential.

Vendor certifications and general courses like CompTIA's have been popular with established IT pros for a long time. But as the demand for tech and programming skills increases, training providers and government agencies are launching new programs to help interested job seekers rapidly gain expertise. In some cases, students complete only a few months of training before they hope to snag a high-paying, high-tech job.

That's exciting for the students and the tech industry at large, but "the tech training buzz that that 'anyone can have a tech job' also deserves a healthy bit of caution," said the report. Personal experience, communications skills and ability to learn on the job may trump any specific training a candidate has completed. And employer needs vary widely, depending on the type of company, internal culture, and level of understanding of their technology roadmap.

So which type of training is best if you want to boost your skillset? The report broke programs down into five categories and evaluated their pros and cons.

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