Cisco Certifications To Kickstart Your Career

Cisco certifications are some of the most prestigious in technology, encompassing far more than routing and switching. Find out which options can improve your resume and skill set.

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There are numerous advantages to Cisco certifications, which not only enable candidates to get a better job or promotion but also enrich and broaden the skills of professional network engineers around the world. The benefits of Cisco certifications are particularly keen when your organization has Cisco infrastructure, which is common in many enterprises.

Any of the Cisco certifications on the following pages can boost your IT career, making you more appealing to prospective employers -- or making you very popular at your current job. Consider them if you are looking fro career advancement or simply want to refine your skills.

Cisco certifications can be pursued in two categories, Cisco Career Certifications and Cisco Specialist Certifications. These certifications are available for various IT-specific fields including collaboration, data center, routing and switching, security, wireless, network design, and programmability.

The Cisco Career Certifications category has offerings for various sub-domains of networking, which can be categorized into different levels: Entry, Associate, Professional, Expert, and Architect (the highest level of accreditation within the Cisco Career Certification program).

Cisco Specialist Certifications acknowledge the specific expertise of technical professionals, including those with Cisco Career Certifications at the associate, professional, or expert levels. Specialist certifications can help network professionals enhance their core networking knowledge in technologies such as security, data center, or collaboration.

With Cisco certification, candidates can maximize their investment in their education and increase their professional value by enabling their IT organization to meet increased business demands resulting from technology transitions. Cisco has its own learning community where candidates can share; participate in group discussions; get access to study materials, practice questions, and trainings; and much more. Cisco provides a range of preparation methods to suit a diverse range of schedules and learning styles.

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