The Disconnect Between Job Seekers And Hiring Managers

IT professionals are in demand, but job seekers need to make good networking contacts and know their value for a successful career move, says a hiring expert.

April 14, 2006

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TechCareers' editor, Judy Mottl, recently talked with Joe Sabrin, CEO of to discuss today's relationship dynamics between hiring managers and job candidates, and what Sabrin believes IT professionals need to do to forge a good career path.

TC: You've been quoted as saying there is a "disconnect" today between tech candidates and hiring professionals. What exactly are you referring to?

JS: The disconnect is about how the two groups view each other. Today's tech candidates don't understand what they're worth, given the fact that technology is strong and good skill sets can be hard to find. On the hiring side, many corporations still think that IT is cheap and so the labor force should be as well. But companies are in for a rude awakening. They don't understand that the marketplace has changed.

TC: So given the current scenario, what should IT professionals be doing to get that next better job?

JS: One good strategy is to build up some niche specialty skills. Right now developers are in very high demand, so those who know C++, C# (.NET) and Java can find good careers as well-paid independent contractors.TC: What's a good job search tip for today's candidates?

JS: A good approach is to make networking connections—just don't send your resume in an email blast and wait for the calls. You have to meet people and you have to make contact with the IT hiring leaders and colleagues in the field. Right now 75 to 80 percent of hires are done through internal company recommendations and referral programs. So job seekers should do research to find out which companies have positions they're interested in and make calls on job opportunities. Send your resume to the right person in the company.

eHire is a 30-year-old full service executive search firm specializing in the identification and referral of highly skilled IT and finance professionals.

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