Tech Jobs: 12 Killer Locations

The number of technology jobs is increasing across the country, but you might need to look in some unexpected cities and states to find them.

Susan Fogarty

May 27, 2015

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If you're looking for a new career opportunity in IT, sticking with the obvious may be shooting yourself in the foot. Technology hubs like the Silicon Valley, Boston and New York can offer great positions, but outlandish costs of living and competitive markets can outweigh the prestige and paycheck.

When you consider the increasing importance of IT to most businesses, it really should come as no surprise that jobs for technologists are flourishing across the U.S. From 2004 to 2014, the number of tech-related jobs in the United States grew 31%, according to the Department of Commerce. That growth is in pockets, but definitely widespread. 

Employment website Glassdoor's latest 25 Best Cities for Jobs report reveals that places like Oklahoma City, Louisville, and Columbus, Ohio, are prime spots for hiring, plus they boast affordable housing and expenses, as well as high job satisfaction rates. Salaries may not be as high in these cities as in the Silicon Valley, but employees may value the potential for career advancement and homeownership more. Glassdoor allows you to sort cities by number of positions, cost of living and worker satisfaction here.

Traditional technology companies aren't the only ones hiring tech talent, either. For example, Praxis Strategy Group estimates that only 7% of the 1.5 million software developers and programmers in the U.S. work at software firms; the bulk work in other industries. 

The image below and this interactive map, created by for Rasmussen College, pinpoint exactly which companies in each state of the union are doing the most tech hiring. Darker states indicate more openings, while lighter states have fewer. Although the usual suspects appear – Microsoft in Washington State, for example – you'll find a wide range of companies comprising healthcare, retail, finance, defense and education.

On the slides that follow, we present a selection of Glassdoor's top locations, cross-referenced with the most active employers in the area. The results could surprise you -- your dream job might be waiting just around the corner, or in a place you never thought to look.

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