ReStoring Data has Invented a New Data Recovery Patent Pending Technology

ReStoring Data's extensive Research and Development program has devised a new technology which will allow for greater success rates of data recovery, and has now applied for a patent to secure inventors copyrights for it.

June 15, 2009

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Vancouver, BC (PRWEB) June 15, 2009 -- ReStoring Data Inc. is constantly investing in research and development, with many successful outcomes. One of these is a new patent pending technology which will allow for a greater amount of successful data recovery attempts from complex, previously unrecoverable, hard drives. This new technology will save ReStoring Data's clients even more money, with a lighter reliance on parts. This is truly a breakthrough technology, which will aid in recovery of Mac and PC hard drives, as well as RAID Array systems. The lower reliance on parts to recover data will allow clients to take a breath of fresh air, knowing that their data recovery solution left a smaller ecological footprint through use of this green-technology.Sooner or later all hard drives will fail, and while data recovery technology has come a long way there are still certain types of failures which are unrecoverable. Fortunately with today's advances in technology, most data on hard drive and flash based storage media can be recovered. It is unfortunate when the damage is so extensive that recovery becomes nearly impossible. This can cause a significant loss of money for companies or memories for private clients. ReStoring Data Inc. takes all the necessary measures to ensure that the largest number of cases are successfully recovered; however, not even our expert technicians can guarantee recovery on every data recovery service. This is why our R&D Department has now invented a new technology that will considerably increase the rates of recovery from previously unrecoverable failure types. This technology is in the patent pending stage, and will be further developed into a working tool.

Research and development (R&D) allows for rapid diversification of service provision, this is ReStoring Data's conviction, and the reason for our extensive efforts to match the development of new storage media with innovative recovery techniques. Through the momentum of consistent investment, ReStoring Data Inc. can keep cutting edge data recovery services available.

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About ReStoring Data Inc.:ReStoring Data Inc. recovers data from all types of storage media, including RAID Arrays, Memory Cards, USB Flash Drives and Hard Disk Drives. It is a leading North American data recovery company servicing clients across Canada and the United States: Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Mississauga, Toronto, Quebec, and Seattle. The service team promptly offers a free diagnostic after receiving client's broken storage media. ReStoring Data Inc. works towards customer satisfaction through their No Data, No Charge policy.

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