New OS X Vulnerability: Bigfoot Or Big Problem?

An "independent researcher" claims to have uncovered (and will no doubt exploit) a vulnerability within Mac OS X. But the validity of his claims is being challenged.

July 20, 2007

1 Min Read
Network Computing logo and several other sites are reporting that a Mac OS X vulnerability has been found and is being exploited by a so-called "independent researcher." The individual -- calling himself "InfoSec Sellout" -- claims that after "further research" he will present his findings to Apple -- for the right price. Whether the vulnerability truly exists or not, however, has become a bit of a controversy.

Infosec Sellout's blog was shut down after it appears that someone identified the individual behind it. It's been generating some inflammatory but mostly technically accurate posts for a while now. My guess is that there probably is a real vulnerability, though there's some doubt. The matasano blog has an unofficial patch that shuts off one particularly buggy code path in the application, but it's a source code patch only now and not for the faint of heart to try to apply.

Ryan Naraine has good coverage as well on his blog.

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