Gordano Unveils New Vanguard

Gordano's new Vanguard offering acts as a stand-alone email security solution

April 18, 2007

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LONDON -- Gordano Ltd.. - an international developer of comprehensive enterprise-class messaging products delivering scalability and reliability, announces today the release of a new stand-alone messaging security product, the Gordano Vanguard Server.

The Gordano Vanguard Server provides enterprise class anti-virus and anti-spam protection to individual or multiple mail servers, including the Gordano Messaging Suite, Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus Notes/Domino. Developed as a result of customer pressure to leverage their strengths in email security, Vanguard also provides simple setup with straightforward management.

Dual anti-virus scanning engines provide traditional signature-based virus protection complimented by advanced zero hour technology that checks every message that has been routed through the traditional scanner against the most up-to-the-minute information available.

Anti-spam protection is provided by language independent, image aware Recurrent Pattern Detection algorithms supported by hooks into both IP Reputation services and industry leading Anomaly Detection facilities (which monitor traffic looking for unusual spikes in activity). There are over 100 additional checks, including Bayesian filtering (including automated training of filters), phrase-based checks (automated and custom), sender policy framework record checks and message quality checks.

Child abuse and child pornography protection is provided in conjunction with the Internet Watch Foundation, an independent hotline in the UK, whose aim is to minimize the availability of potentially illegal Internet content, especially child abuse images hosted anywhere in the world. The list of Web sites containing images of child abuse and pornography provided by the IWF has been integrated into the Zero Hour functionality developed in conjunction with Commtouch.Comprehensive Quarantine and Whitelisting facilities are built into the Vanguard product, with sender verification being in place to prevent spoofing of whitelisted information.

"The quarantine handling in Gordano's Vanguard server has been designed to be both feature rich and simple to use," says Tom De Man of dZine Consultants. "I can immediately whitelist any senders directly from the quarantine folder, while at the same time allowing the message to be delivered to my mail client."

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