8e6 Unveils ProxyBlocker

8e6 Technologies announces new solutions to plug security holes in enterprise networks

August 13, 2007

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ORANGE, Calif. -- 8e6 Technologies, the leading independent provider of Web filtering and insider threat management solutions for mid-size to large enterprises, today announced the general availability of three enterprise solutions geared to address specific gaps in network security that many IT administrators may not be aware of, including the elusive use of Web-based proxies in the enterprise. The growing problem of Web-based proxies has remained under the radar for many security administrators, due in large part because most Internet monitoring, vulnerability management, data leakage and firewall solutions are unable to detect this potential breach to network security. In response, 8e6 Technologies created the 8e6 ProxyBlocker, a point solution based on their unique proxy-blocking technology that specifically addresses the growing proxy problem in the enterprise.

Web-based or circumvention proxies are Web sites that allows users to circumvent Internet filters and access any site anonymously at any time, without IT staff having any knowledge or control of access. First identified in the school districts and colleges, proxy use has exploded and has recently bled over into the enterprise as tech-savvy students enter the workforce in droves. While seemingly harmless, these proxies allow unfettered access to sites that may contain malicious code such as Trojans, viruses and keyloggers which employees inadvertently bring inside the network. Unidentified proxy use also allows unregulated access to a host of blocked sites, including social networking and Web 2.0 sites, opening the network to data leakage risks and a host of legal liability issues.

“Corporations can not block what they can not see, and most proxy sites by nature appear harmless to the untrained eye,” said Paul Myer, president and chief operating officer at 8e6 Technologies. “Enterprise IT managers should educate themselves about how to use existing Internet filtering and reporting technologies to determine if proxy use is a wide-spread problem, and then consider implementing specific policy and technology solutions to fill the gap that proxies create in the network.”

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