Securify Enhances ID Monitoring

Securify integrates its identity-based monitoring and verification solution with flow data

October 2, 2007

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CUPERTINO, Calif. -- Securify, Inc. today announced it has enhanced its identity- based monitoring and verification solution with the integration of network flow data. Beyond what traditional flow-based monitoring solutions offer, Securify delivers a continuous, real-time view of who is doing what and where on the network from the moment a user accesses the network. Securify’s unified view of what business users are actually doing across complex infrastructures ultimately enables IT operations and security teams to reduce reactive workload, re-gain control of complex projects, and reduce risk. By leveraging existing infrastructures for flow-data, Securify enables this view across more of the network, more cost-effectively.

Flow data records from routers and switches provide a complete summary of network traffic connections. Securify now captures and analyzes this flow data to deliver a unique business-usage view without requiring dedicated probes. By integrating identity-based monitoring with flow-based data, Securify enables IT teams to:

  • Discover all user access and user group behavior, including user-based ‘watch lists’ when needed

  • Verify user-based controls to detect unauthorized usage before it becomes a problem

  • Analyze usage across large distributed networks from a single location in a cost-effective manner

  • Leverage flow-based information for faster, less disruptive infrastructure changes, streamline audit support and expand security monitoring

Securify can help IT operations and security teams quickly and cost-effectively answer the following questions in real-time with all the details required to take action:

  • What departments and users haven’t migrated to the new application server?

  • What services and sources should be enabled across the new network security boundary?

  • Who’s consuming my bandwidth and with what applications?

  • Can I prove to auditors that only authorized users are accessing confidential data sources?

  • Are our contractors’ access and use of resources as expected?

  • Who’s on my network and what are their IP addresses?

Securify’s solution leverages existing network infrastructures, integrates with both Cisco NetFlow and Juniper JFlow, and requires no additional network probes. Securify also does not require agents or application recoding for identity-based monitoring. Securify provides a single, real-time representation of usage that has been previously unavailable without tedious integration of data from existing directories, application logs, surveys, packet sniffers and other network monitoring tools.

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